about Raw + Tonic

- who we are

At Raw + Tonic, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to feel good about themselves and all around them. This belief is at the core of all we do and is at the heart of our online shopping experience.

We are a passionate organic lifestyle company bringing a wide range of pure products to the Cyprus market. We are dedicated to providing natural therapeutic solutions and lifestyle products and are determined to source and offer only the best, most effective organic and natural items to help promote better lifestyles for our customers and support the ideal of an unpolluted, toxin-free world.

Responding to a growing public demand for healthier foods, purer cosmetics, and guaranteed quality natural products and ingredients manufactured to the highest standards and principles. Raw + Tonic has the vision to become the ‘go-to’ source in Cyprus for ethically-minded consumers across all ages.

Our mission is to encourage natural organic living, and to help people take a positive step towards a healthier lifestyle that embraces the very best that nature can provide while giving back to our planet.

- the Raw + Tonic ranges

At Raw + Tonic we only specialise in healthy, organic products sourced both locally and from around the world. Everything we offer is produced using organic, environmentally-friendly methods, and delivered direct in fully recyclable packaging.

We bring together nature’s bounty: organic, botanic and herbal foods and treatments; natural cosmetics, tinctures, and essential oils; natural food supplements, wholefoods, vegan and vegetarian specialities, and eco-friendly, cruelty-free products.

We provide quick and easy access to some of the world’s most trusted natural products, as well as offering innovative and committed start-up producers a platform to present their ranges exclusively to the health-conscious Cypriot consumer.

- how we choose our products

Our collection of healthy and safe options is continuously being added to. We research and source globally – partnering small, dedicated local producers as well as well-known international brands with established reputations and outstanding environmental responsibility credentials. In this way we can give customers peace of mind – knowing that what they order and receive will be what they expected.

- our philosophy

Raw + Tonic is all about helping you feel good… Good about yourself and all around you.

Feeling good is a powerful, positive emotion that naturally leads to greater levels of self-esteem, happiness and friendliness. Our products aim to stimulate your positivity, lower your stress levels, and bring peace and tranquillity into your life.

If you respect your body and consciously seek therapeutics that will have positive effects, our selected products are the best available – products that will emotionally enhance your lifestyle and support the natural well-being of your body, mind and spirit.

At Raw + Tonic we understand that positive emotions promote enjoyment, fun and a higher quality of life. We also recognize the importance of sustainable behavior and care of the environment. Our mission is to encourage natural organic living, and to help people take a positive step towards a healthier lifestyle that embraces the very best that nature can provide while giving back to our planet.

We have a high sense of responsibility: Every product that we offer is subject to intensive research and is known to bring all-round benefits – providing the assurance you need to incorporate our natural cosmetics, natural therapeutic solutions and organic whole foods and ingredients into your lifestyle.

Respecting you and your wallet: Our carefully selected ranges are wholly natural and luxuriously indulgent, yet totally affordable. They will help you get in touch with your innermost, natural self. They will help you to feel good. They will help you stay connected with the present moment. And they will help you align your body and mind – and appreciate every seemingly insignificant, yet meaningful, moment in your day.

‘Our ultimate goal is to help people feel good about themselves by encouraging and supporting conscious holistic living.’

- we are all about

making you feel good

This is what we do and this what we stand for. Making you feel good is our ultimate purpose. We believe that the more you feel good the more feeling good situations you will attract into your life. The products that we bring to you are specifically chosen to improve the quality of your life, keep you healthy and forever young.

respecting the enviroment

We so much appreciate all the goodies that nature so generously offers to us. We want to give back to our planet and protect it as best as we can.

making small everyday moments special

The reality is, all we are is just moments. Moments that we most often overlook, thinking what will happen next. Raw + Tonic products aim to help you stay in the present moment and make all these small moments matter.