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The AMINO ANIMO Almond Protein is an organic protein powder of the highest purity, ideal to provide energy whenever the body needs it. With high content of minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron, α-tocopherol, fibers and lipids rich in oleic acid. A shake or smoothie immediately offers a high amount of proteins and fibers, while giving a pleasant feeling of fullness.

100% Almond protein powder

• Muscle building
• Muscle maintenance
• Healthy bones maintenance
• All the essential amino acids
• Proper functioning of the digestive system
• A supportive effect on the immune system
• Minerals
In the context of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

The AMINO ANIMO Almond Protein has a high content of important minerals, such as Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium and Iron. It is a high purity organic protein, rich in fibers.

Almond is a valuable nut with multiple health benefits. Almonds have unusually large amounts of protein and α-tocopherol, compared to other nuts. Recent studies have shown that the consumption of almonds reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, due to their high content of fibers and lipids. Another recent study has shown that almonds help to improve the serum lipid profile of healthy adults with mild hypercholesterolemia. According to the American Heart Association, almonds are a good example of how to replace saturated fats with unsaturated ones.

• Add 1 or 2 scoops of AMINO ANIMO organic protein, along with fruits and vegetables, to your smoothie.
Alternatively, replace a part of the solids (flour, oats) of your favorite recipe (salty or sweet) with AMINO ANIMO organic protein for increased nutritional value.
Each package contains instructions for use.

Nutritional DeclarationPer 100gPer 25g%RI*
Energy1567kJ / 375kcal392kJ / 94kcal4,7%
Of which
Of which
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)2,1mg0,5mg
Vitamins EContains vitamin EContains vitamin E

Contains 40 (full tablespoons, 12.5g) doses per package. *RI = Reference intake of an average adult (8400kJ / 2000kcal) per serving.

Amino acidsPer 100 gPer 25 g
Aspartic acid5,85g1,46g
Glutamic acid12,59g3,15g

The amount of protein you need to intake on a daily basis differs throughout the course of life, as it depends on gender, age, individual goals, duration and intensity of exercise. To be able to calculate the recommended daily protein intake for your lifestyle, just focus on the level of physical activity. So, the more athletic you are, the more your protein needs increase.

If you follow a sedentary lifestyle, the recommended daily protein intake is estimated at 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. On the other hand, if you exercise regularly for health and well-being purposes, your daily intake is adjusted to 1.0 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, with emphasis on the quality of the protein you choose.

Athletes and those who follow a high-intensity exercise schedule at a moderate frequency (2-3 hours per day, 5-6 times per week), the recommended daily protein intake ranges from 1.0 to 1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight. Finally, athletes who are on a high-intensity exercise program at high frequency (1-2 workouts per day, 3-6 hours per day, 5-6 times per week), the daily intake is adjusted to 1.5-2.0 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

Whichever of the above categories you belong to, it would be ideal to divide your protein into several meals, instead of consuming it all at once. This way you will achieve better satiety and therefore you will not feel constantly hungry. For example, you can eat beans at lunch and then add organic rice protein powder to your afternoon smoothie. These 2 proteins are called complementary, as they form a complete amino acid profile. The same result is achieved by combining a meal with spinach and organic almond protein powder.


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