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    Romantic Atmosphere Set


    • Oil Burner by Physis Laboratory
    • Ylang Ylang essential oil by Physis Laboratory
    • Raw + Tonic Candle of your choice (gardenia/ sweet sandalwood/ oriental cashmere)
    • Raw + Tonic Chocolate of your choice (hazelnut/salted almond)
    • If you want it to be wrapped as a gift please select this option at check out!
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    • The Oil Burner is used to vaporize your favorite essential oils and benefit from their numerous properties. It’s simple! Just fill the bowl on top with some warm water and place a few drops of Ylang-Ylang oil on the water. Then place a lighted tea light underneath the bowl and let the amazing aroma of the essential oil fill your space.
    • Ylang-Ylang essential oil. Has aphrodisiac and antidepressant properties for sensuality, relaxation, and euphoria. You can either add a few drops in the almond oil to give your partner a sensual massage (1 drop per 1 tbs almond oil) or you can simply use it in an oil burner to diffuse its aroma in the space. You can also add 6-8 drops in the bathtub and relax in the warm water.
    • Sweet Sandalwood Candle. A relaxing and uplifting aroma. It smells woodsy and manly but it has a sweet undernote.
    • Oriental Cashmere: A cozy, rich oriental aroma perfectly balances between sweet, woodsy, and warm. Opens with notes of exotic spice cardamom following by rich vanilla, coconut butter, and alluring jasmine. Sandalwood, amber, and powdery mask round out this sophisticated scent.
    • Gardenia: A unique interpretation of a traditional gardenia aroma. Rich, diffusive and strong imbued with greens and gardenia petals.
    • Salted Almond or Hazelnut Vegan Chocolate (100g). Sharing is caring! Choose the flavor that you prefer and share it with your other half.

    Check out the individual product descriptions in the links below: 

    Oil Burner, Ylang-Ylang Essential oil, Sweet Sandalwood Candle, Gardenia Candle, Oriental Cashmere, Chocolates

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