BAIMS lipstick – 50 marsala – 4g


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  • This product will nourish your lips and make them soft, smooth, and supple. Our lipsticks comprise a high fraction of Coconut, Jojoba Candelilla and Carnauba wax, which helps in keeping the lips hydrated and shiny. Comes in an elegant and sustainable bamboo packaging that can be refilled.
  • Certified organic with fully natural ingredients
  • Mineral Make-up
  • All Baims makeup products are cruelty free and totally vegan
  • 4gr

Ecocert /COSMOS

All our products are certified as “organic” by Ecocert/COSMOS. The organic certification is the most demanding of all cosmetics certifications. The Ecocert/COSMOS rules for granting the “organic” rating define that a minimum of 95% of all vegetable ingredients must come from certified organic farming.

Conditions of Ecocert/COSMOS:

  • No genetically modified ingredients (GMO) or derivatives of GMO based ingredients can be used
  • The usage of ingredients which are entirely or partially  based on crude-oil or are synthetically produced e.g. parabens, Nano-materials, artificial perfumes or PEG´s is forbidden.
  • The plants or vegetable ingredients must not be obtained from endangered species
  • The extraction and production of ingredients must not cause an environmental pollution or lead to a deterioration or disbalance of the respective eco-systems
  • All ingredients and their derivatives must not be dirty or otherwise contaminated
  • The entire production process must be controlled, from the agricultural planting of the ingredients until the packing of the finished product
  • The labelling of the finished product has to be clear and transparent for the consumer. Below the declaration of the INCI´s it is mandatory for every formulation to list the percentage of natural and organic ingredients.


For further information regarding Ecocert/COSMOS please click on the following link:


The Vegan Society

All BAIMS Natural Makeup products are certified as vegan by the Vegan Society!

This institution was founded by Donald Watson in Great-Britain in 1944. Mr. Watson “created” the word “vegan” already more than 70 years ago.

Veganism is a philosophy and way of living which, within the possible, avoids any form of exploitation and cruelty on animals, being it in nutrition, textiles or any other area. Furthermore, veganism means as well the development of alternative solutions, free of animals, for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment. Regarding cosmetics veganism means that no animal derived ingredients like bee wax, honey or carmine as a colorant can be used and animals must not be part of the harvesting or production process.

For further information please click on the following link:


PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

BAIMS Natural Makeup is cruelty-free!


If you only buy products with PETA-label which means that they are free of any cruelty on animals, you can prevent rabbits, mice or other animals to live a life of tortures and pain from testing. The program “BEAUTY WITHOUT BUNNIES“ offers a possibility for the consumer to easily identify products which are “cruelty-free”.

You can conduct an online research with name of producer and product type to find out which products are cruelty-free.

You can find BAIMS in the PETA-list by clicking on the following links:

When you buy cosmetics, pay attention to the PETA seal with the “cruelty-free” rabbit. Products which are labelled like this are free of cruelty to animals and were produced without animal testing.

For further information please click on the following links:



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